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released August 31, 2012

Written & recorded between 2008 and 2012 by Jeff Arancherry.
All music copyright twothousandtwelve Sounds for Listening (ASCAP)
Cover and Logo by Kyle Hussa-Lietz



all rights reserved


Sounds for Listening Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Sci-Insulation
Wherever man is, there the ant is also
They seem to come from nowhere, tumbling on everywhere at once
Crawling over the food
As the hordes invade, man often gives up his pleasures in utter despair

Do you realize how easy it would be for them to overcome us humans?
Instead being the hunters, we'd become the hunted
They'd be our masters, they'd live on us
It is the law of nature: the strong survive

We'll end up with a world which has the following features:
We'll have fertility control, a 100-year lifespan, controlled thermonuclear power
Continued automation, genetic control, man-machine symbiosis,
Household robots, wideband communications, opinion control, and continued urbanization

I would guess that in 150-200 years if things go all well
90-95% of the world’s people will be living in higher than current American standards of living
Doesn’t matter where, from everywhere poor, everywhere - danger, hunger, starvation
To a life in which the technology largely insulates you from nature

Scientist believed they were seizing the power from evolution
And redirecting it by controlling the environment
(this is how the world works)
Technology largely insulates you from nature

Etymologists who should have known better and now 30 years later admit they should have know better, simply saw the death and the extinction of what we now know to be beneficial insects as the operation of the fundamental law of survival and evolution. What they didn’t realize is the kind of evolution they were looking for was the evolution of monsters arising from garbage dumps. Of chemically deformed animals and plants. What they thought would come out of this was a simplified world ecosystem with good plants, bad plants- weeds. Good insects, bad insects
Good animals – the ones we eat, bad animals – the ones that take up space.
Science had become the way that human beings could avoid responsibility
Science would take care of it. Now its nature that’s going to permit us to shift responsibility from human beings to some force that we don’t have to take responsibility for.
When science was our god, we felt that we were actively doing something, we were in control. Now there are too many that say there’s nothing I can do, nature will take of it, I just will continue, fat, dumb, and happy – the way I am.